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We are one half of a disruptive and pioneering organisation striving to drive change in technology, sport and sustainability, whilst inspiring and educating current and future generations. Bringing the best of the virtual and physical sporting worlds together to ignite positive change for society and our planet.

About our team

The odyssey 21 electric off-road suv

In order to withstand the harsh conditions, the Extreme E-SUV ODYSSEY 21’s peak 400kw (550hp) output is capable of firing the 1650-kilogram, 2.3-metre wide car from 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds, at gradients of up to 130 percent.

the dream team that makes veloce

A series with equal male and female split, see the primary and reserve drivers that make up the Veloce team.

a five race global voyage

Explore the series locations, dates and the issues of climate change that we are trying to support through our legacy projects.

Neom, Saudi Arabia

Kicking off its third season, Extreme E returns to Saudi Arabia for the third Desert X Prix, held in the futuristic region of NEOM.

Round 01-02

11-12 Mar 2023


Location TBC. More details soon!

Round 03-04

13-14 May 2023

Sardinia, Italy

More details soon!

Round 05-06

08-09 Jul 2023

Amazon or USA

More details soon!

Round 07-08

16-17 Sept 2023

Antofagasta, Chile

More details soon!

Round 09-10

02-03 Dec 2023


The newest News…

17 Sep

Veloce Racing leaves Sardinia with Redemption Race victory

British squad keeps title within reach as Extreme E approaches season finale


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