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We Do things differently

Veloce Esports is a gaming organisation focused on innovating within the racing esports space. We are pioneering the racing esports community by creating competitive teams, exciting events and exciting content.

Things we do

World-class esports teams

Veloce operates several unparalleled racing esports teams, both in-house, in F1 Esports, and many other competitive leagues across most racing titles.

Pioneering awesome events & Content

Veloce have created multiple in-house events & leagues, with NotTheGP being one of the biggest racing esports events ever. We are developing new events and leagues. Stay tuned…

An infinitely scalable media network

Veloce operates both an in-house production arm, as well as a full-fledged media network in the racing and gaming space.

F1 Game

Veloce are experts in the F1 Esports space. Now operating 3 out of the 10 teams Mclaren Shadow, Scuderia Ferrari Esports Team, sand Mercedes Esports. Veloce driver, Jarno Opmeer won the F1 Esports Drivers championship, with the team narrowly missing out on the constructors championship.

F1 esports series

2020 season

Gran Turismo

Veloce and our customer teams race on a range of titles. To be honest, nearly every racing title out there. Our competitive teams have titles on many of these games, we also just have a lot of fun on them too. Use the arrows to see what we are involved in!

GT World Tour

Assetto Corsa

The modding teams dream, Veloce uses AC for all of our weird and wonderful ideas. The SquadSprint by Mobiuz series is an Assetto Corsa series, as well as many pro leagues on Competizione that our drivers compete in.

Veloce Squadsprint

Feb 2021

Project Cars

Veloce competed in the SMS-r Championships in 2019, bagging a second overall with Veloce Storm and Jaaames. Jaaames, now the worlds fastest gamer came first overall in the individual category.

Sms-r championships


Forza Motorsports

Forza was one of Veloce’s first championships. Most of the winning team of 2018 Forza Racing Championship are still with us today. Although there are not many competitive championships today, Veloce has many creators on our network who are experts in the Forza game, including XpertGamingTech and Forza Force.

Forza RC


Rocket League

Veloce had a great run in the RLCS, battling from the winning the European RLRS in a 7-0 Series Sweep. From there, we progress into the RLCS where we got second in our group to progress to the finals. We ended up reaching the Finals in Madrid coming in the top six.

Championship series



The newest News…

27 Feb

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