Veloce: Next Level Unlocked

Welcome to the next level of Veloce. Veloce is a leading racing, gaming, lifestyle and media platform.

New content will bring the entire Veloce team to your screens, so you can; win all the wins (or losses), experience all the shunts and laugh with us… or at us...

The Veloce channel will also ignite a new era of extreme racing, allowing you to experience the ultimate with our Extreme-E Racing team, who defy the rules of driving in the most unforgiving terrain.

We’ll be bringing all the best parts of Veloce that you know and love, evolving into something greater - pushing you to the forefront of esports, gaming, racing and sports entertainment.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the action and subscribe to our YouTube channel, which will be the hub for all Veloce content across both esports and racing hemispheres. Seriously… stop reading. Go subscribe! 

Level-up sequence initiated...

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