Veloce Announces PRE-IPO Funding Round Ahead of Planned Public Offering

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — Veloce, the world’s leading esports & racing growth platform, today announced it is launching a pre-IPO funding round following the success of its Series A funding in 2020, which yielded the company more than $5.5 million dollars despite the pandemic’s effect on investing.

With this investment, Veloce will be expanding its existing platform in preparation for a public offering within the next year. The company will be using the investment to continue to support its rapid growth as it enters the next phases of its global development working towards the creation of a fully harmonised, 360-degree ecosystem within gaming, esports, and climate conscious sport. With a pioneering model in esports and an ever-growing audience of over 215 million views per month across its channels, Veloce has become a clear market leader. As the parent company of Veloce Racing, a pioneering team in the upcoming Extreme E series,Veloce is the first esports organisation in the world to acquire a real-life sporting franchise.

“In order to continue to diversify our revenue streams, we have developed a comprehensive strategy to invest in and develop world-leading gaming and climate conscious sporting assets with the goal of expanding our existing ecosystem and further capturing our thriving mass monthly audience.” says Veloce Esports CEO and Co-Founder, Rupert Svendsen-Cook. “Through a combination of our agile team, strong governance, and a balanced board with reputable and experienced investors, we are excellently positioned to continue to drive tangible value across all of our assets.”

Veloce’s activities and vast audience position the business as a future-facing sport and entertainment platform within the gaming, sport, media, technology, and entertainment sectors that is poised for immense growth.

Eric Tveter, Chairman of Veloce Esports and former Central Europe CEO of Liberty Global, adds “Veloce operates in innovative, dynamic and rapidly moving sectors, requiring the business to be nimble and able to evaluate new opportunities quickly. With our investments into hyper-growth markets, a diverse set of lucrative revenue streams, and a strong management team, I am confident Veloce is best suited to thrive and succeed in the modern gaming, media, sport, and entertainment sectors.”

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