Three down, two to go… Stéphane Sarrazin’s year so far

Stéphane Sarrazin’s first season with Veloce Racing has had it all, from that X Prix-ending roll in Saudi Arabia to a podium on the beach in Senegal, and, most recently, a last gap all-or-nothing attempt to make the final in Greenland that nearly paid off. We sat down for a chat with Stéphane after Greenland to talk Veloce, Netflix and much more.

How did you feel following the Senegal podium?

Senegal was amazing, it was a very strong strategy from the team. To achieve Veloce’s first-ever podium with Jamie was an incredible feeling.  

Have you enjoyed being a part of the Veloce family so far this season?

Yes it's a new and incredible challenge. I feel a strong passion for Motorsport in the Veloce team.

What does an average non-race week look like for you?

I'm doing Formula E support for Nissan at the moment so I'm quite busy with that program, I'm also running my rally team, so I spend a lot of days in rally cars and at events with the team. I'm also training every day as well!

Have you done anything special the last few weeks/or do you have anything special planned to help you unwind/relax?

Training mainly, some swimming and going to the gym, some go-karting, and some testing as well.

What do you do in the evenings - any specific TV shows/books you have read recently?

Nothing special, enjoy time with the family, I also watch a lot of Netflix!  

Do you have any hobbies outside of motorsport that you enjoy when you aren’t racing?

I like bicycle and trial riding. I do that quite a lot in my spare time.

How have you been training since Greenland? Do you need to do anything specific to prepare for the next race?

Yes I'm doing my normal training, but the best training for a driver it's to drive. I’m not doing anything special training-wise for the next race at the moment.

Did you enjoy visiting Greenland?

Yes, it's an incredible place to go, I just read a lot about it but had never been before, the furthest north I’d been was Lapland. Driving in such a difficult climate brought something different and we managed it well within the team. It was a really good challenge again.

Has the result in Senegal and the pace the team showed in Greenland helped your confidence for the rest of the season?

Yes for sure, we did it in Senegal so we know we can do it again. We are in the learning process as a young team. We all push hard to be stronger every race and we were fast in Greenland, just unlucky!

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