Quadrant Halo reveals Gate.io as Official Crypto Partner

Quadrant, one of Europe's leading Halo rosters, has today announced its partnership with Gate.io, one of the top ten global crypto exchanges.

Founded in 2013, Gate.io has established itself as a leading cryptocurrency exchange, providing users with a comprehensive range of services and the highest amount of tradable assets of any leading exchange with over 1,300 tradable assets and over 10 million users worldwide.

Since embarking on a journey into competitive esports in late 2021, Quadrant has enjoyed a period of unprecedented expansion, focussed on entertaining fans and building one of the biggest communities through gaming, content and esports.

Quadrant moved up a gear at the end of 2021 to make its foray in the esports space, signing a competitive roster for the very first time. The gaming and lifestyle brand signed a top-tier squad of French powerhouses, including Tchik, SLG, Fragxr, and Shad, to compete in the Halo Championship Series 2021: Kickoff Major in Raleigh, North Carolina, last December.

The Halo season continues this year with majors in Kansas later this month, the Valencia EU Regional in July, and Orlando in September, culminating with the all-important Halo World Championship 2022 event (20-23 October) in Seattle.

As Official Crypto Partner to Quadrant Halo, Gate.io will gain access to what is fast becoming one of the world’s most visible gaming & content organisations, while Quadrant will benefit from Gate.io’s world-class products and support.

Jamie MacLaurin, Chief Sporting Officer at Quadrant, said: “We’re excited to welcome Gate.io to the squad. This partnership will help our competitive Haloesports roster to continue breaking new ground and will aid us in our pursuit of success both regionally and on the international stage.“Gate.io has joined our team in the runup to the HCS Major in Kansas City this weekend, and we will be proud to have their branding on our new look jerseys during the event and for the remainder of our season.”

Mariela Tanchez, Head of Business Development at Gate.io, added: "We are delighted to be partnering with Quadrant – a true leader in the world of esports and beyond. The huge growth in esports is there for all to see and, like blockchain, it exemplifies the connection between technology and life. Both industries share a similar ethos, and in the future, I am sure we will see the two industries working even closer together in their respective arenas.”

To find out more about Gate.io, or to sign up, please visit: gate.io/signup

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