Mid-season catch up with Jamie Chadwick

Following her spectacular win at the Hungaroring at the end of July, Jamie Chadwick gave us an insight into the season so far, her summer break plans and her latest binge watch.

Which result has meant the most to you in 2021?

It’s really impossible to pick a moment to be honest, they’re all great for very different reasons. I think the off-road podium, the second-place in Extreme E felt very special. Of course, the home race experience at Silverstone was obviously something I’ve never experienced anything quite like before. As experiences go, those are two things that I’ve never experienced before so I’d definitely go with those two.

How did you celebrate each of those podiums?

Of course you enjoy the moment and take it all in, but it is always a case of refocussing and looking towards  the next race. I’m hoping we’ll have a bigger celebration at the end of the season but up until that point its always about focusing on the next one. I make sure I enjoy each of these moments but at the same time you continue to work harder to make sure you can achieve it the next weekend.  

How did you find switching between two entirely different championships in such a short space of time?

I think the way the calendar has worked out has been quite favourable in the sense that I’ve been able to really put everything into Extreme E at the beginning of the year and now split the focus a little bit and put more of my attention onto W Series. They are also so different to each other so I don’t draw too many comparisons which makes things a little easier.

What does an average non-race week look like for you?

At the moment every week feels like a race week! Whenever I don’t have a race week its about enjoying a bit of down time but also working on training, when you’re travelling it’s harder to keep up with the training so its all about maintain the level of fitness that we have from the off-season.

Have you done anything special the last few weeks/or do you have anything special planned to help you unwind/relax?

Nothing out of the ordinary, I’ve been fortunate enough to go to a few cool sporting events in the last few weeks which have been pretty special – bucket list things – and now we have our summer break following Budapest so I’m definitely going to go on holiday and enjoy some sunshine and get my feet up and relax for at least a few days.

Do you have a TV series you are binge watching at the moment?

There’s a few that I have started watching recently. I definitely binge watched Clarkson’s Farm which was hilarious – highly recommend that. A bit more of a serious one, I’m also watching season two of Baptiste.

What was the last book you read?

I haven’t read a book in a while to be honest, I definitely need to get back into reading. Probably the most recent was Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell which was a very good book.

Do you have any hobbies outside of motorsport that you enjoy when you aren’t racing?

Fortunately a lot of my hobbies are semi involved in the training I do. Cycling is a big one, tennis and I’ve recently started playing golf so that’s a new one to add to the list.

What does your training routine look like currently?

Training for me at the moment is basically just ticking over in between race weekends. Not burying myself too much but also trying to maintain the level of fitness that I have so a lot more recovery work running and cycling and then getting in the gym whenever I can.

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